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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Jose. I blend a realistic approach to minimalism with a passion for sustainable tech. As a student, I'm designing a unique narrative in the dynamic tech landscape, proving that growth can be steady without extreme leaps. (No bungee jumping here!)
As a tech enthusiast, I'm particularly fascinated by the intersection of technology and personal transformation. I'm always exploring how digital tools can help us cultivate mindfulness, reduce our environmental impact, and expand our horizons. I am convinced that innovation can flourish without jeopardizing sustainability, and I stand resolute in my commitment to catalyze positive change.

I'm not just about ideas; I'm into building stuff, for myself and the community.


Solution Architect

Coffee Aficionado



Snake Game


Slither Away!

Jose Ortiz's Portfolio Website


Portfolio Website w/ GitHub servers!

LaTeX Resume


Great template for CS undergraduates.

CSCI-127 code


Repository for CSCI-127 Python|UNIX|C++ code.

MAC-286 code


Repository for MAC-286 (Data Structures) Java code.

New Project


Coming Soon!
What do I do?

Problems I like solving

Software Engineering

Across the stack, including responsive web development.

Infrastructure Planning

Platform planning, from failover, high availability, and redundancy.

Solutions Architecting

Gathering business requirements and translating that into written technical specifications.

communication Skills

Excellent communication and presentation skills in front of small and medium sized crowds.


Strong passion for designing, implementing, and optimizing algorithms.


Google Cybersecurity Professional Certified. Talk to me about protection.

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